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Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Model touching headThe appearance of under-eye bags, circles, and puffiness is an extremely common skin condition experienced by millions of people worldwide. For both men and women, this concern is often caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, some of which can include thin skin, volume loss, superficial veins, sun overexposure, and light-reflecting qualities of the face. Regardless of the cause, dark circles, bags, and puffiness can make many individuals look stressed, tired, or even older than they actually are or feel on the inside. Dermal fillers and other treatments at our North  Vancouver clinic are designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes for a refreshed, rejuvenated aesthetic.

Under-Eye Bags

Identifiable by skin laxity, puffiness, and often discoloration, under-eye bags are often associated with a lack of sleep, regardless of the true cause. Under-eye bags can develop from a number of other reasons, with fatigue just being one possibility. At our practices, we offer a range of treatments to address this common and sometimes chronic concern.

What causes under-eye bags?

In addition to insufficient sleep, under-eye bags can be caused by genetics, stress, medical concerns, the natural process of aging, fluid retention, and allergies. Whether occasional or chronic, under-eye bags can be a source of discomfort and lowered self-esteem. We can help you improve the appearance of the eye area without the need for invasive treatment.

How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags

before and After under-eye bag treatmentOur doctors provide various non-surgical options that can significantly reduce the appearance of bags underneath the eyes while also helping to hydrate and volumize the skin for an enhanced complexion. In Vancouver, some of the most common non-surgical techniques include dermal fillers, a professional-grade skincare regimen, and the latest laser skin resurfacing options. During your initial consultation, we can help you determine which methods can provide an optimal outcome for you.

What causes under-eye circles?

Many factors can contribute to the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes, including sleep deprivation, genetics, excess alcohol consumption, certain medications, sun damage, and certain health issues. The veins, which give the skin the bluish or purplish tint, are more visible when skin loses volume and becomes thinner over time or due to another reason. The natural process of aging can also play a role in having under-eye circles.

While knowing the origin of the concern can be helpful in planning effective treatment, in many cases non-surgical procedures can be performed regardless of the underlying cause.

How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles

One of the best treatments for under-eye circles is dermal fillers, which can restore the volume that has depreciated over time. In addition to that option, laser skin resurfacing and an advanced skin care regimen can also help minimize the appearance of dark circles. While many creams for under-eye circles are available, they typically only offer very short-term benefits.

Under-Eye Puffiness

Puffy, swollen eyes can make a person appear under-slept or under the weather. Puffiness in the under-eye area can also occur alongside bags, which is puffiness that has descended a bit due to skin laxity, or dark circles. Short-term treatments of under-eye puffiness like creams or cold packs can provide quick results. These efforts often fade within a few hours.

What causes under-eye puffiness?

Under-eye puffiness, like other under-eye concerns, is often associated with sleeplessness. However, this cosmetic issue is just as often caused by genetics and aging as it is by other factors. While medical conditions, such as dry eyes, can contribute to the development of under-eye puffiness, most individuals experience this problem as a result of a stressful lifestyle, too many salty or fried foods, and other simple, manageable causes. That said, a family tendency towards this characteristic (genetics) is the most common origin of all.

Under-Eye Puffiness Treatments

Over-the-counter creams for under-eye puffiness are everywhere, but as mentioned above, they typically last only a short period, if they work at all. Addressing the cause of the swelling, improving the skin quality, and restoring the health of the eye area can usually provide longer-lasting results. Depending on your needs and goals, laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, or another treatment may be recommended to rejuvenate your eye area.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Dermal Fillers

Composed of naturally-occurring substances found in the body, dermal fillers can help minimize signs of dark circles and rejuvenate the skin with little to no discomfort or downtime.

Skin Care Regimen

Whether employed alone or as a complement to another treatment, a customized skin care regimen can help diminish under-eye circles while improving the overall health of your skin.

To learn more about treating under-eye concerns with approaches such as dermal fillers in North Vancouver, please request a consultation online or call (604) 980-3993.

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