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Smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin can be yours with the help of the latest facial rejuvenation technique on the market, Ultherapy®! We are one of the few skin care groups in Vancouver to have Ultherapy®, which is designed to treat skin laxity and stimulate collagen production in the face and neck without the use of knives, needles, or fillers. Using this advanced ultrasound device, our skilled practitioners can deliver energy into the foundational layers of the skin to help promote the development of beautiful, natural-looking skin from the inside out.

For more information about Ultherapy® or to schedule a consultation with our practitioners, please contact us today at (604) 980-3993.

How does Ultherapy® work?

The brilliance of Ultherapy® is that the technology relies on ultrasound energy to help lift and tighten the skin to a more youthful state, and this method is designed to do so without harming the surrounding or surface level tissue. When you arrive for your initial consultation, our practitioners will develop a customized treatment plan based on your anatomic needs and aesthetic goals. During treatment, an applicator will be placed on the area targeted for rejuvenation. The device not only delivers the energy into your skin but also projects an image of the treatment region onto a screen. As a result, the practitioner can precisely direct the applicator, which helps to optimize your outcome.

The Ultherapy® applicator will emit low levels of focused thermal energy into the appropriate skin depth. Your skin typically will react by producing collagen, gradually lifting and tightening the skin in the treated area over time for the most natural-looking results possible.

What Are the Benefits of Ultherapy®?

As a non-invasive skin tightening system, Ultherapy® often can provide an abundance of benefits, especially if you prefer to avoid surgery and other aggressive cosmetic approaches. In addition to being gentler than many procedures, Ultherapy® also can potentially:

  • Strengthen the foundational structure of the skin
  • Lift and firm the skin on the face and neck
  • Stimulate natural collagen
  • Provide a more youthful-looking appearance

If you’re beginning to see some skin relaxation along your face and neck but aren’t ready for a more invasive procedure, Ultherapy® may be right for you.

Before and after Ultherapy
Before and After

Does it Hurt?

Discomfort varies from person to person; however, Ultherapy® typically is well tolerated. You will feel a warm sensation as the energy is delivered into the skin, and this will alert you to the fact that collagen development is being stimulated. To enhance your experience, we can offer a selection of options to help make the treatment process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

What is Recovery Like?

Little to no downtime is typical with Ultherapy®, and you should be able to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. Some redness, mild swelling, and skin tenderness may occur; however, these effects should fade within a few hours to a few days. On rare occasions, you may experience some slight bruising. Our practitioners will discuss all risks and benefits with you during your initial consultation, as well as address any questions and concerns you may have.

While some immediate effects may be visible following treatment, most benefits will occur gradually over a course of two to three months. One treatment may be sufficient to achieve your cosmetic goals, although you may wish to receive a second treatment to optimize your results.

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Ultherapy® is designed to lift and firm facial and neck skin, and this method can be combined with other facial rejuvenation treatments, including dermal fillerslaser skin resurfacing, and Microdermabrasion with SilkPeel® Dermal Infusion. A similar procedure that can stimulate collagen production includes The Vampire Facelift®. Our practitioners can determine which approach or combination of approaches can help to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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Ultherapy Smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin can be yours with the help of the latest facial rejuvenation technique on the market, Ultherapy®! We are one of the few skin


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