Hand Rejuvenation

Before and after hand rejuvenationBefore and after hand rejuvenation

Hand augmentation is part of the arsenal of hand rejuvenation techniques. In both men and women, volume restoration in the hands can provide plumper, more youthful appearance, reduce skin laxity and wrinkling, and reduce the prominence of underlying structures such as bones, tendons, and veins.

The ideal dermal filler for this purpose effectively adds bulk and volume and is durable enough to withstand repeated dynamic motion. Fat grafting is one strategy for volume restoration; however, the challenge has been multiple injections and several office visits, pain control, the necessity of removal of fatty tissue from another site on the body and unpredictable outcomes.

A novel and noticeably less painful approach to the treatment of the hand is the introduction of Radiesse®, a semi-permanent injectable filler that restores volume instantaneously, providing plumper and more youthful appearance to the hand.

An anesthetic is added to the filler, and small amounts are injected underneath the skin, and then spread throughout the hand.

The result of this approach – mixing anesthetic with Radiesse® – is a treatment that is easier to massage and virtually painless, with minimal post-treatment downtime.

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