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Volumizing Filler for MEN

Life’s not always easy – especially on your skin.

You’ve earned each and every one of those wrinkles.

Late nights, long golf outings and kids all impact the appearance of your skin.

And getting older doesn’t help either. Aging skin loses natural support structures (collagen and elastin) that keep skin supple and youthful. As the years go by, the support structures of the skin diminish, and the skin loses its ability to bounce back. Wrinkles and creases are the unfortunate result.

But now there’s a way to hide the years of misuse and abuse on the skin. Injectable fillers are used to plump the skin, and erase evidence of a well-lived life. Wrinkle fillers are a minimally-invasive procedure that our highly skilled physician Dr. Shehla Ebrahim can administer in-office, over a lunch hour. Using a fine gauge needle, she will inject the filler under the skin, to rejuvenate your tired skin instantly!

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Radiesse Mens from Republic Content on Vimeo.

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