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The Aging Face, Part 2: the jawline

JowlsAs the years pass, a combination of laxity and gravity causes the facial underpinnings to weaken and the skin to sag. Contributing to the aging appearance is the loss of facial volume provided by underlying fat and connective tissues (collagen and elastin). Nowhere is this more visible than around the jawline, where the loss of volume and downwards movement of cheek fat cause jowling and sagging.

Many Afterglow clients have been thrilled by the “reversal” of these signs of aging, following the placement of injectable filler—usually Radiesse— in the jawline area. Radiesse has a firm quality that greatly enhances the contours of the jaw while adding needed volume.

If you think your jaw needs a little contouring, simply make an appointment to see Dr. Ebrahim. She will explain how she can lift the years from your jawline and keep it looking firm and taut, with regularly scheduled treatments.

A tip: Lightly apply a powder shadow in taupe or brown underneath the jawline to give the illusion of contour. Be sure to blend well!

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