SilkPeel®: Beyond the Face

The system is a novel non-invasive resurfacing technology that gently exfoliates the skin using a ultrasonic head while simultaneously delivering dermaceutical infusions into the epidermis ensuring deep penetration and immediate results.

It continues to be the treatment of choice for our clients who want a gentle, non-invasive and relaxing procedure with effective and immediate results. Our clients leave our clinic with their skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and silky soft.

Whilst the most popular treatment area continues to be the face, neck & chest, we are finding more of our clients addressing other skin conditions beyond the face, including the upper arms, bikini line, back and thighs. We have seen fantastic results with patients with Keratosis Pilaris (also referred to as “chicken skin” and described as little bumps on the back of the upper arm, legs and buttocks)

Refer to the body chart below to learn more about the various treatment areas and skin conditions we can treat using the dynamic system:

Silk Peel Body

 Introducing Daniella to the Ambleside Dermedics team!

0a9d413Daniella is the “go-to” technician for your next SilkPeel treatment!

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