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Questions to Ask Before Getting Lip Fillers

One of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the nation is lip augmentation. At Ambleside Dermedics, we offer a wide range of volumising lip fillers, and we also value your safety and results. If you desire fuller lips, make sure you ask the medical professional performing the procedure the following questions for the best possible outcome:

What formula is being used to enhance my lips?

You should be informed about which injectables are being used for your treatment. Common options include JUVÉDERM® products, Belotero® Balance, and Emervel.

What is your experience in cosmetic injectables?

Ask your injector what his or her experience is, whether they’ve completed any special training, and how often they perform injections. Our skilled medical team has years of experience and Dr. Shehla Ebrahim routinely trains other practitioners in the latest techniques.

What will it feel like?

The lips can be very sensitive, but we offer local anesthetic to enhance your comfort. Know what to expect before you go in, and be sure to choose a practice that emphasizes your well-being.

When will I see results?

Each dermal filler has unique benefits, and some will offer faster results that others. Most hyaluronic acid-based injectables provide virtually instant results. Your physician should explain what to expect and when to expect it before the treatment.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effects for dermal fillers are minor swelling, bruising, and redness. Most patients report that these symptoms subside within a few days, but if you’re prone to swelling, you may wish to apply ice to the area for short periods. More significant effects are cause for Contacting your doctor immediately.

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