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Mini Lip Treatment in North Vancouver BC

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim believes in lip enhancement that is natural looking… and not “Donald Duck” lips. One of her favorite techniques is to enhance or create the Cupid’s Bow lip shape. As shown below, this is where the curve of the upper lip resembles the bow of Cupid – a symbol of erotic love.

Dr. Ebrahim performs a Mini-Lip treatment on a client while providing important information on the basics of a good lip enhancement. Sometimes, small improvements in cosmetic skin care are all that are necessary to enhance the lips. Here, she demonstrates creating Cupid’s Bow:

What the Shape of Your Lips Say About You:

  • Lips With a Peaked Cupid’s Bow: This person is quick-minded and highly reactive. They are creative and communicate well, but can also be blunt and speak without thinking.
  • Lips With a Rounded Cupid’s Bow: This person tends to be patient and kind. They are usually more compassionate and considerate of others, compared to those with other lip shapes.
  • Lips With an Undefined Cupid’s Bow: This person is giving, but can lack emotional boundaries. Their nurturing disposition may be excessive to the point where they can forget to practice self-care. They are generous and responsible, but could benefit by not trying to take care of every problem.

Dr. Ebrahim believes small changes can make a difference. “Lips should look enhanced and youthful, but not as if you have had work done.” Contact Afterglow to discuss the options of a lip enhancement treatment during your complimentary consultation.

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