Is Your Neck Starting to Resemble your Thanksgiving Turkey’s?


There are several reasons we develop sagging skin on our face and neck – loss of weight, genetics or just natural aging.  But you can be proactive and work to keep your skin elastic and ‘sag free’ slowing down the process.

.turkey neckEat healthily.  Antioxidant rich foods eliminate free radicals and tighten collagen in the skin.  Foods such as:  grapes, avocados, olives, passion fruit, citrus fruits, pears, berries and honey. Brazil nuts are rich in selerium, which maintains elasticity in skin.

Avoid salt, sodas, alcohol and fried foods.

Drink water – and plenty of it.  8 glasses per day is a good target to help flush out toxins and provide moisture to the skin.

Facial and neck exercises – try to touch your nose with your tongue!

Use a good skin care regime.  Besides a good moisturizer, it is important to use a glycolic and vitamin C creams at night, both excellent anti-aging products

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