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Introducing the MicroLaser Peel® and Resurfacing Peel

Now available to Afterglow are the MicroLaser Peel® and Resurfacing Peel to reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, soften acne scars and tone, texture and tighten the skin. (Both peels stimulate the skin’s collagen matrix to firm it and add the resilience or tone we associate with youthful beauty.)

before-afterThe MicroLaser Peel ® : Using the new Sciton Contour TRL™ laser, the upper layer of your skin will be gently and safely treated using a vaporization process. This has the effect of reducing fine lines, as well as toning and texturizing your skin. You will also notice a mild tightening effect.

The Resurfacing Peel: Using a different head on the Sciton Contour TRL™ laser, your skin will be gently treated to a deeper level than during a MicroLaser Peel®. This procedure is for skin that is showing deeper wrinkles or scars and needing increased toning and texturizing. The mild tightening effect will be intensified. (Actual depth of treatment will be determined by Dr. Ebrahim during your consultation.)

Best of all, it will normally take only one procedure to achieve these improvements!

To know more about how the Sciton Contour TRL ™ can help your skin look its very best this year, please call Afterglow at 604-980-3993 or email us to set up an appointment.

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