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Introducing SwissTec™ – an innovative professional skincare line

SwissTec4Afterglow is thrilled to be carrying an innovative line of professional skincare products, SwissTec™

These superior products were formulated to enhance and maintain the effects of various skincare procedures such as laser treatments, skin-lightening treatments and IPL. They are free from parabens.

(A list of the products we carry, and their specific effects appears at the end of this post.)

Here are some of  the  helpful ingredients in SwissTec™ products carried by Afterglow:

CIC2: Slows the signs of aging, lightening brown spots while enhancing the skin’s renewal process. This increases the skin’s radiance.

Ameliox: Reverses the signs of deterioration of the skin’s elastic tissue, reducing expression lines and wrinkles.

Algisium C2®: Helps to restore the skin’s moisture balance while soothing discomfort caused by dehydration.

Hyaluronic Acid:  An excellent moisture retaining agent, HA can hold 1000 times its own weight in water.

Sveltonyl®:  This firming complex renews the skin’s appearance and youthfulness.

Oligopeptide: Reduces the appearance of dark circles and redness while enhancing  skin tone and texture.

Vitamin C-PMG: Helps thicken the skin to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, and also lightens age spots.  Is a powerful antioxidant.

Quartz: Exfoliation spheres of quartz remove impurities and dead cells from the skin’s surface, for a more radiant, youthful appearance.

Salicylic Acid: Improves skin tone and texture.

Vitamin C: Helps thicken the skin and reduce pigmentation.

Evermat®: Reduces the appearance of pores, generating a more refined skin tone and texture.

Antioxidant Complex: A powerful dose of antioxidants for overall skin tissue enhancement.

Peppermint oil (lips only): Cleans, tones and energizes.

Sucrose Esters (lips only): Cools and soothes.

The following products are now available from Afterglow:

CIC 2 Cellular Serum (CIC2,  Ameliox, Hyaluronic Acid) Treats aged and prematurely aged skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and enhances elasticity.

Concentrated Renewal Cream (CIC2, Ameliox, Algisium C2®)  Treats aged and prematurely aged skin, reduces  hyperpigmentation and enhances elasticity. Works well as a night-time partner to the CIC2 Cellular Serum.

Redefining neck Emulsion (CIC2, Svetonyl®, Algisium C2®)  This powerful formulation tones and strengthens the skin of the neck and décolleté.

Concentrated Renewal Eye Cream (CIC2, Oligopeptide, Vitamin C-PMG)  Hydrates the delicate skin of the eye area to renew its moisture balance and re-establish the look of elasticity and firmness.

Tri-foliant™ (Quartz, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C) A powerful triple-action exfoliating complex designed to encourage balanced skin texture.

Concentrated Mattifying Cream (CIC2, Hyaluronic Acid, Evermat™)  An innovative light cream moisturizer for normal to oily skin types that helps prevent shine.   Skin tone and texture is also enhanced.

Lip-foliant™ (Antioxidant Complex, Peppermint Oil, Sucrose Esters)  Gently removes impurities and dry skin cells while moisturizing and soothing dehydrated lips.

Please drop by to view this exciting new line or contact Afterglow for more details.

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