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How Long Does It Take for BOTOX® Cosmetic Results to Be Seen?

If you are thinking of getting BOTOX® Cosmetic, you might be wondering ‘How long does it take to work?’ and ‘How long does it last?’ To help you make the best decision to achieve your beauty goals, here are some details to consider prior to your appointment.

First, it will depend on whether it is your first time getting a BOTOX Cosmetic treatment or if you have been getting the procedure done on a more regular basis. If it is your first time, you will likely see the effects in approximately ten days. It is possible to see some results in as little as two days, but the full effect should be visible by the ten day mark. We ask that you return to the clinic two weeks after your treatment so we can observe the results and make sure you have achieved your desired outcome. If you are a repeat BOTOX Cosmetic client, you may see the results faster than the first time you had it done.

Other things to consider are what area of your face you are having the treatment as well as your personal muscular make up. Different areas of your face may react quicker than others, and your face may behave differently than your best friend’s. Generally speaking, smaller wrinkles will react quicker to the treatment than larger wrinkles.

If you are planning on getting BOTOX injections before a special event such as a wedding, special birthday or other big celebration, you should schedule your appointment at least two weeks before the event date. This will give you time to achieve your desired results and deal with any issues that might come up such as a small touch-up if needed, or any redness or swelling at the injection site.

How long does it last?

The results of BOTOX Cosmetic usually last between three and five months; although with repeat treatments you may see longer-lasting results. Follow-up treatments can help maintain your results for longer periods as well. Again, depending on your personal facial expressions and the depth of the wrinkles, it may last for a different length of time.

BOTOX Cosmetic treatments can even be performed during your lunch hour!

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