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ChestOne of the more common concerns voiced by women of a certain age is the development of a delta-like pattern of wrinkles on the chest. Combined with the finer all-over wrinkling often seen on the fine skin of the décolletage, this can add significantly to the appearance of aging.

The delta pattern of wrinkling, where the wrinkles start just under the collarbone and “flow” towards the cleavage is not a true sign of aging. Rather, it is caused by the compression of the soft structures of the chest when a woman sleeps on her side or stomach. (Sleeping in these positions is also responsible for wrinkling and creasing of the face.) If you stand in front of a mirror and push your breasts and upper chest area together with your arms, you will notice how marked the delta creases become.

The best way to prevent delta creases, and-if they are relatively shallow-lessen their appearance, is to sleep on your back. You don’t have to lie staring up at the ceiling, but simply make sure that your shoulders are facing upwards. Positioning your hip sideways will feel more comfortable, and placing a pillow under each arm will help retrain you to stop turning on your side.

If the creases are very marked, they can be treated with the profractional laser or a mild peel to markedly reduce their depth. Very deep creases can be filled with Restylane or Juvéderm to restore the appearance of youth. Dr. Ebrahim also uses Botox® to address wrinkling in the cleavage area.

The network of wrinkles that often appears in conjunction with hyperpigmentation (freckles, age spots) is caused by UV light and frequently worsens after menopause, when the skin thins. This fine, crepey appearance can be addressed by the use of an Afterglow retinoic acid formulation, and/or treatments with the profractional laser. Dr. Ebrahim or her staff will also be able to recommend a skin cream that can address the hyperpigmentation, to restore a youthful, even tone.

Finally, to help prevent deepening of chest wrinkles, be sure to wear your sunscreen every day!

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