Fashion Magazine – March 2011

Afterglow Skin and Laser Centre

cover-150x150Westview Centre, 2609 Westview Drive, Suite 104, North Van, 604-980-3993,

Proponent of cosmetic procedures or not, it’s tough to argue against the effects of long, luscious eyelashes. Afterglow is now offering Latisse, the newly approved product that , if applied nightly for two months, helps your lashes grow longer, fuller and darker.

Another popular request here is the Soft Lift™, which combines Botox and Juvederm dermal fillers to plump up fine lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth, and restore fullness in the cheeks, lips and chin.

They say that your neck and hands are the first to show your age. Ring true? Try Radiesse, an industry leader when it comes to restoring volume in hands.

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