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What Is the Difference Between CoolSculpting® and Liposuction?

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that targets 20-25% of the subcutaneous fat. CoolSculpting® helps to minimize stubborn fatty deposits and reduces volume, but it is not a weight loss procedure to reduce pounds. CoolSculpting® targets the subcutaneous fat, which is the soft, “squishy” fat.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires anesthetic. A surgical compression garment must be worn for six weeks following the procedure, and you may be left with small scars where the incision was made. It can be an effective treatment for fat reduction; however, you need to have time to recover from surgery.

Dr. ShehlaEbrahim encourages clients to research both treatments and offers four tips for CoolSculpting®:

  1. Ensure the clinic is a Certified CoolSculpting® Practice.
  2. Double check that the Certified CoolSculpting® Specialist has attended the ZELTIQ® CoolSculpting® University.
  3. Read testimonials and see photos from clients who have had the treatment.
  4. Reserve a private consultation. During this complimentary assessment, express your wishes and make sure that you and the CoolSculpting® Specialist are on the same page with regards to your concerns and goals.

Dr. Ebrahim invites you to contact us for a complimentary consultation with our CoolSculpting® Specialist to find out if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting®.


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