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Common Acne Causes and Treatments in North Vancouver

Are you suffering from Acne? Our North Vancouver physician from Afterglow Skin Care Clinic lists some of the common causes of and potential treatments for blemishes found on the face and body. Read on for more.

Revisiting Acne

● Acne is a multifactorial inflammatory disorder that typically affects patients during adolescence.
● There is increasing evidence of a possible link between acne and diet.
● Patient understanding of therapies, their correct application, need for a prolonged duration of treatment and therefore concordance often dictates the success of the treatment modalities.
● Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a burgeoning problem that can be abrogated through the use of benzoyl peroxide.
● Topical and systemic treatments are targeted at one or more of the underlying causes.
1. Seborrhea
2. Whiteheads.
3. Bacterial colonization by P Acne
4. Inflammation
● Isotretinoin is highly effective against acne vulgaris: Caution must be taken in its use owing to its side effect profile, most notably teratogenicity.
● There are a range of techniques used to reduce scarring, none of which are perfect. Prevention is better than cure.
● The role of Biofilms in acne has been increasingly recognized.
Medicine continues to evolve with new evidence emerging and old theories challenged. Acne remains a challenge and we have seen great advances over the last few years.

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