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Would you like a Lift?

Is your skin just a bit too relaxed?  Why not try the beauty of Ultherapy - 'uplifting ultrasound'? Dr. Erahim will soon be offering Ultherapy in Late May.  Several of our clients viewed Ultherapy when it was featured on the television shows: Dr. Oz, The Doctors and Rachel Ray; prompting them to call us and ask …

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Vampire Facelift

Are you entering the 'Twilight years'?  Then it may be time for a 'Vampire Facelift' Dr. Ebrahim has been trained to perform Selphyl, a treatment that is newly licensed in Canada, although has been used by thousands worldwide. Selphyl is the only system that allows truly natural tissue to rejuvenate and increase your skin volume.  …

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Afterglow Medi-Spa gives Antonia high cheekbones

Recently, our client Antonia, came to see us about reducing her nasolabial folds. Antonia has deep clefts in the nasolabial area, the result of having a small upper palate.  Although she has had Restylane injected into her folds in the past, the upper edge of the fold has formed an obvious ridge. To address this …

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All about fillers

Injectable fillers, as the name suggests, fill in the indentations and folds that develop as the face ages. They may also be used to fill in scars caused by acne, or to enhance the shape of the chin, jawline, cheekbones, or nose. So effective are fillers in rejuvenating the face, that their use is sometimes …

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