Brotox – Manscaping – Boy-tox

handsome-older-man-150x150…. these are a few of the coined phrases used to describe the anti-aging procedures men are now enjoying.

The number of men visiting medical aesthetic clinics has doubled in the last 10 years.  Of these men, 1 in 5 start to undergo procedures in their late 30’s.  Men are becoming more aware of the treatments available and their benefits.  According to The Chronicle of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, men tend to focus on their nose, specific wrinkles or sunspots.  Women focus more on their eye area and lips.

Also, men generally don’t take good care of their skin.  They are likely to maintain their car and sports equipment better than their skin.  Aging affects men differently as well.  For example, they are more likely to have sunken cheeks and deflated chins.

Whether it’s a more youthful appearance you are interested in or you want a fresher look, call Afterglow for your complimentary consultation with one of our trained physicians.

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