BBL treatment promotes youthful skin

Stanford University finds evidence that Broad Band Light (BBL) treatments promote youthful skin on a molecular level

Led by Dermatologist, Dr. Anne Lynn Chang of Stanford School of Medicine, the study reveals the molecular changes that are induced by BBL, a popular treatment using Sciton’s Broad Band Light (BBL) for improving the appearance of sunspots, freckles, acne and vascular conditions.

A previous study in animal models showed gene expression changes to become more youthful. Dr Chang’s study is the first to show a similar correlation in human skin treated with BBL.

Dr Patrick Bitter, a well-known Dermatologist, takes this ground breaking research further and explores the practical application and patient results of BBL treatments.
Dr Bitter’s study focuses on the ability to improve the appearance of aging skin with long term and regular interval treatments with BBL, and concluded that regular mantainence treatments with BBL Photofacial approximately twice a year will:
a) improve the appearance of aged skin
b) delay the aging process,
c) reduce signs of skin aging.

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