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Aging Hands

Aging Hands Before and After Using Sciton BBL broadband light | Afterglow Skin Care ClinicIs it true that you can always tell a woman’s age by her hands? Thanks to modern tools and techniques, this old adage is no longer the case. While your hands will never again look as young as when you were in your 20s, they can look a lot better— and more youthful — with the anti-aging treatments available at Afterglow Skin Care Clinic in North Vancouver, BC.

Let’s take a look at what makes hands appear old: As our hormones wane in middle age, the skin and its underlying fat undergo changes. On the face, arms and hands the skin becomes noticeably thinner, and much of the underlying fat is lost. These changes mean the skin no longer drapes tautly over the fat and becomes looser and more wrinkled in appearance. With thinner skin and less fat, the underlying structures – bones, tendons and veins – become more obvious.

Another common change is the development of age spots (solar lentigines).

Many women respond to the aging of their hands by having the veins injected, and using makeup or a skin bleaching agent to temporarily disguise the age spots. These methods are usually ineffective as other veins of the hand tend to grow larger to ensure continuity of blood flow, and the age spots return as soon as the bleaching treatments are discontinued, or makeup has worn off.

A better solution is to take advantage of our anti-aging program for hands, which will permanently remove existing age spots, and fill in the spaces between the bones so that the bones and veins lose their prominence. We also recommend the use of retinoic acid to thicken the skin and restore some of the collagen that has been lost over time. (Using retinoic acid along with sunscreen every day is also a good preventive measure for younger hands, or to help maintain a new, more youthful look.)

To fill in the spaces between the bones of the hands, Dr. Ebrahim carefully injects Radiesse dermal filler under the skin. Approximately one syringe is used per hand, and the results can last for over a year, making this treatment very cost-effective. The two pictures above are the before and after images of hands that have undergone treatment with Radiesse. Note the veins, tendons and bones are considerably less noticeable. The tiny calcium-based microspheres of Radiesse form a “scaffold” to support and stimulate the growth of your own collagen. (We do not recommend fat injection as experience has shown the fat is broken down and resorbed by the body in as little as a couple of months.)

Age spots are treated with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) using Sciton BBL broadband light, which addresses melanin pigmentation. This light treatment also helps to regenerate collagen for healthier, tauter and more youthful skin.

After your treatments, be sure to protect your younger-looking hands with sunscreen every day and a nightly application of a retinoic acid product. (Please ask Dr. Ebrahim for advice on the best product for your specific needs.)

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