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5 Minute Nose Job

Injectables serve as nonsurgical option for beautifying the nose and it is a non-invasive procedure Dr. Shehla Ebrahim has been practicing for years to reshape and fix minor deformities of the nose including the projection of the nasal tip, flattening of the nasal root, humps and bumps, and concavities.

“Injectables do not replace rhinoplasty, but they offer a viable alternative for those interested in nasal reshaping who are unwilling to undergo surgery”, say Vince Bertucci, M.D., and Jean-Franois Tremblay, M.D. Proper technique and knowledge of anatomy is crucial in producing satisfying aesthetic results with more safety and less downtime and cost than rhinoplasty.

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim has been practicing what she calls the “5 Minute Nose Job” for years and always advocates non-invasive procedures before going under the knife. An artistic approach is required in procedures like this to get beautiful aesthetic results!

5 minute nose job
Photo Courtesy of Payman Simoni, M.D.

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