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Goodbye & Good Luck to Donna!

Donna Macdonald joined us in September 2010 as our Client and Marketing Coordinator after enjoying 20 years as a stay at home Mom. During those years she was kept busy with her two boys and volunteering as PAC president at her local school and manager on various sporting teams. Prior to that, Donna worked for …

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Jawline Reshaping – How to Create a Slimmer and More Youthful Shape to the Face Without Surgery

Here at Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care, we are often asked if it might be possible to recontour the face without surgery in order to create a more youthful, slimmer appearance. In order to achieve this, many patients can benefit from a reduction in the bulk of the prominent "chewing/grinding muscles," medically referred to …

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SilkPeel® Benefits Vancouver BC

We are thrilled to share that Microdermabrasion® is included in the August 2013 issue of Allure magazine on the first page of the "Anti-Aging Report: Primary Colors" feature as an in-office treatment that will help brighten skin.   SilkPeel®, offered at Afterglow Medical Aesthetics, is one of our most popular treatments to improve dull and …

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Non-Surgical Jaw line Reshaping – How to create a slimmer and more youthful shape to the face without surgery

At Ambleside Dermedics, a common question we address at our practice is what can be done to reshape the face without surgery to create a slimmer and more youthful appearance. Common concerns include reducing the bulk of a prominent masseter muscle, also known as the “chewing muscles” or “grinding muscles”. Using an artistic approach with Botox®, our award-winning …

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Goodbye STUBBORN FAT…Hello SUMMER BODY with CoolSculpting

Both men and women are both prone to stubborn areas of fat that are diet and exercise resistant. It can be virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles, belly pooch, inner thigh fat & back arm fat. In the past you were left with two options; live with them or think surgery. Neither …

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Are facelifts a thing of the past?

A few years back, the Globe and Mail featured an article asking a prevalent question at the time, "Are Facelifts a thing of the past?". This question is still being debated and as non-invasive cosmetic treatments continue to advance in technology, surgical facelifts are being threatened of becoming obsolete. Many people don't see the need …

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