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Reveal your ‘Otherworldly Beauty’ with a Vampire Facelift

This season, stop your aging and reveal your 'Otherworldly Beauty' with a Vampire Facelift. Selphyl® is the only system that allows Truly Natural tissue regeneration using your body's own ability to rejuvenate with collagen production. Reduce wrinkles Improve quality and texture of skin Selphyl® The Best of You, Naturally (as seen on Dr. Oz and Doctors) Call …

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Is Your Neck Starting to Resemble your Thanksgiving Turkey’s?

  There are several reasons we develop sagging skin on our face and neck - loss of weight, genetics or just natural aging.  But you can be proactive and work to keep your skin elastic and ‘sag free’ slowing down the process. .Eat healthily.  Antioxidant rich foods eliminate free radicals and tighten collagen in the …

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Some Wrinkles are Cute – Most Aren’t

One of our clients was commenting the other day about how few ‘good skin years’ she had between high school acne and the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Often that is the case, but we can help to extend those ‘good skin years’. 1. Sun Screen – now ‘broad spectrum’ lotions are available that …

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