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Would you like a Lift?

Is your skin just a bit too relaxed?  Why not try the beauty of Ultherapy - 'uplifting ultrasound'? Dr. Erahim will soon be offering Ultherapy in Late May.  Several of our clients viewed Ultherapy when it was featured on the television shows: Dr. Oz, The Doctors and Rachel Ray; prompting them to call us and ask …

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At Long Last – Lovely, Longer Lashes!

Latisse is the first prescription eyelash growth product, approved by Health Canada,  to grow your natural eyelashes longer, fuller and darker.  In clinical trials, lashes were 25% longer, 106% fuller, 18% darker.  78% of users experienced a significant improvement in their lashes. Donna in our office is a big fan.  She was suffering from thinning …

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Fashion Magazine – March 2011

Afterglow Skin and Laser Centre Westview Centre, 2609 Westview Drive, Suite 104, North Van, 604-980-3993, Proponent of cosmetic procedures or not, it's tough to argue against the effects of long, luscious eyelashes. Afterglow is now offering Latisse, the newly approved product that , if applied nightly for two months, helps your lashes grow longer, …

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