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Dr. Ebrahim Named One of the Top Physicians in North Vancouver

Dr. Ebrahim has been named one of the Top 3 Primary Care Physicians in North Vancouver by Three Best Rated! Her clinic was reviewed for the website content, ratings, services, customer satisfaction, acknowledgements, and awards that have been received. Afterglow was ranked for being a consistently high-quality health care provider.

Top 3 Physicians in North Vancouver

Three Best Rated believes in providing customers with information on the businesses that provide the best and most personal services locally.

For more information on the treatments available with Dr. Ebrahim please visit either of her locations, Afterglow Skin Care or Ambleside Dermedics.

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim Profiled in Medical Spa MD!

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim

Medical Spa MD recently highlighted the background and work of Dr. Shehla Ebrahim. Dr. Ebrahim explained what led her to work in the field of cosmetic medicine, how she manages two successful clinics and motivates her staff, as well as what her current favourite technology is. She explained how she stays current and profitable using her creative marketing strategies.

Her advice for her fellow physicians:

“Having passion is the number one criterion if you want to be successful in this industry.
Everything else will happen effortlessly and money will come wherever it is supposed to come from, as long as you are first happy without it. Treat your employees with respect. Honour and always thank them for their efforts in helping your business grow.”

You can read the full article here.

For more information on the treatments available with Dr. Ebrahim please visit either of her locations, Afterglow Skin Care or Ambleside Dermedics.

Readers Choice 2016 Winner – Best Medi-Spa

Dr. Ebrahim


Dr. Ebrahim featured in Health and Wellness Section of North Shore News

Dr. Shelha Ebrahim talks about the Mole Mapping technology offered at the clinic.

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Dr. Ebrahim featured in Fashion Magazine

Dr. Ebrahim is featured in the “Stay On Top Of What’s Hot” section in Fashion Magazine.





Dr. Ebrahim is featured in the Healthwise section of the North Shore News

Dr. Ebrahim explains how to keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and protected.

View here.

Ambleside Dermedics clinic was mentioned in Globe and Mail Newspaper

Ambleside Dermedics is featured in the editorial “How to do Vancouver like a Real Housewife” where the popular “vampire facelift” is discussed.

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Dr. Ebrahim discusses the “Lunchtime Lift” in Fresh Magazine

Dr. Ebrahim discusses the “Lunchtime Lift” and how it can make you look younger in less than an hour using Coolsculpting and Soft Lift technologies.

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Local climbers reach for the top

Dr. Ebrahim was featured in an article about climbing Mout Kilimanjaro for charity, December 2012.

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Dr. Ebrahim’s article in Fresh Vancouver magazine.

Dr. Ebrahim‘s article was published in Fresh Vancouver magazine, along with before and after photos, which you can read here.

Dr. Ebrahim featured in North Shore Network

Are you looking to learn a little more about what makes Dr. Ebrahim tick? The North Shore Network recently featured an insight into the everyday life, loves and aspirations of our intrepid doctor, which you can read here: NS-network

Congrats to Dr. Ebrahim on her recent 50th birthday!

Afterglow in FASHION magazine

“Get bright, glowing, rejuvenated skin that has everyone thinking you’ve just come back from a tropical holiday. This fully kitted-out, Zen-inspired medi-spa was opened five years ago by Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, a warm and attentive cosmetic and family physician who has been practising for over 17 years.”




Afterglow review in FASHION magazine

“Those looking to get that certain covetable glow might want to book a visit with Dr. Shehla Ebrahim at her fully licensed and medicallly supervised medi-spa in North Vancouver.”

Shehla Ebrahim recognized in new book on women entrepreneurs

Shehla has been included in an exciting new book featuring trailblazing women who have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.

Shehla Ebrahim, owner of Afterglow Skin and Laser Centre, has been included in New Pioneers: Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs, a new book published by the Women’s Enterprise Centre. This exciting publication features inspirational stories of women who have boldly ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and blazed a path for others to follow.

They have demonstrated the passion and commitment needed to give effect to ideas, and turn those ideas into viable businesses. From birchbark biting to broadcasting, from seafood marketing to encryption software, these women have proven themselves as visionaries and critical thinkers, risk-takers and organizers.

The book was launched in October 2008, in conjunction with Small Business Month and Women’s History Month.

Complimentary copies of this beautiful book are available to order by visiting A PDF of the book will be available for download in the New Year.

Thank you very much for helping us to be recognized as one of the Top 100 women’s entrepreneurs. We know that we are only as great as the people we serve and we thank you for your patronage and support.

Skin Therapy Letter

Shehla Ebrahim and Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care were again featured on the front page of the Family Practice Edition of the Skin Therapy Letter, a publication for dermatologists and skincare professionals.

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“Fractional laser was worth it for me”

This customer review sums up their positive experience at Afterglow with the ProFractional™ Laser. (Note: the “provider name” is revealed when you sign into the site.) Click to view.

Skin Therapy Letter

Shehla Ebrahim and Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care was featured on the front page of this publication for dermatologists and skincare professionals.

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Entrepreneur of the Month: Shehla Ebrahim

When Shehla Ebrahim immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 1986, she faced many hurdles on the path to achieving her dreams. However, the ups and downs she experienced did not keep her from having a vision for her future and faith that anything was possible. It was this faith that drove her forward to become the reputable doctor and entrepreneur that she is today.

More than fifteen years ago Ebrahim achieved what she thought was the impossible; she successfully attained a very competitive internship at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver and upon completing it, set up a private medical practice in North Vancouver. She has since developed a reputation for excellence in her community.

Despite her accomplishments in the medical field, Ebrahim had an even greater life goal in mind: to dedicate herself to humanitarian work. In 2002 she decided that in order to make this dream come true, she needed the flexibility that being an established entrepreneur offers.“

For me to be in control of my own destiny and to be able to travel and do humanitarian work, I needed to break away from my emotional attachments to my old job and old self. The only way to do this was to start my own business,” acknowledges Ebrahim.

Not that becoming an entrepreneur was an easy decision for her, “There was definitely a distinct fear of failure! Starting my own business seemed like such a daunting task at the time, but deep down inside I believed in myself and knew that I could do it.”

In 2002 Ebrahim opened the doors to Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care; a physician supervised clinic that offers a variety of services, including Botox, soft tissue fillers, Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. With a great desire to learn everything she could about business, Ebrahim turned to the Women’s Enterprise Centre.“

It was really Women’s Enterprise that helped me get my business off the ground. I spoke one-to-one with someone who went through business planning information and market research with me,” says Ebrahim. “I’ve taken their Focused Marketing course, which was also extremely beneficial. I really owe a lot of gratitude and thanks to Women’s Enterprise Centre.”

Now completing her third year in business, Ebrahim is already developing an expansion plan. “I’m excited about offering medical spa services to the male market. A lot of men feel a bit shy about coming into Afterglow because it’s so feminine. I plan to take over more space and make it more gender neutral.

”Being trained in both Western and Eastern medicine allows Ebrahim to bring two very different concepts of health and wellness together as one in at Afterglow. With her expansion, she also wants to focus on mental wellbeing as well as physical by bringing in counseling services for her clients.

With her business well underway, Ebrahim has had time to start on her other passion; giving back to others. Two years ago she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise $50,000 for the Children’s Hospital. She has also traveled to Tibet with a non-profit organization to provide free medical services to the nomads of Eastern Tibet. In the next two years she plans to take on Mt. Everest, also for charity.

Of everything that she has learned in life, and there have been many lessons, Ebrahim has one that stands out as most important above all others: “Don’t be afraid to dream big as long as you have the right intentions and the right attitude. Treat your relationships as gifts and have humility in leadership.”

Women’s Enterprise Centre is the go-to place for BC women business owners for business loans, skills training, business advisory services, resources, publications and referrals. Call us at 1.800.643.7014 or email from anywhere in BC.


The way I look at it is, there are five basic rules of skin care: cleanse, remoisturize, rejuvenate, defend, and protect.

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Facing Summer: Cosmetic Rejuvenation Holds Back the Hands of Time

Dealing with the “three D’s” or stages of an aging face: “Deterioration, Deflation and Descent”.

Look Good and Feel Better

“…if you want a few tweaks here and there, you shouldn’t feel guilty. You look after your car, you look after your house… why shouldn’t you look after yourself?” That’s the advice of Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, medical director of Afterglow Skin and Laser Centre.

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Beauty and Wellness Bridged at Afterglow

“Menopause aided by bioidentical hormones: Symptoms alleviated by natural hormone replacement therapy.

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